Ancient Airplanes

Incas and a few other ancient peoples crafted small golden figures that bear remarkable resemblance to jet planes.  These figures include wings, stabilizing tails, some have landing gear.  The proportions of these artifacts are remarkably aerodynamic, which has fueled the Ancient Astronaut theory.   However, many archeologists claim these are simply artistic representations of birds, bees or bats.  What do you think?

Ancient Airplanes

Ubaid Lizardmen

At the Al Ubaid archaeological site archeologists have found these strange figurines that appear extraordinarily similar to Reptilian Aliens.  The figurines have snake or lizard like heads and almond shaped eyes.  Many ancient peoples worshiped serpents.  So are these figures representations of their imagined gods or something they witnessed?



Nazca Lines

One of the Nazca Lines, "The Astronaut Geoglyph", looks surprisingly like a man in a space suit. Nazca Lines are a group of bizarre shapes drawn into the earth in Peru, some as large as 1200 feet long.  There are both animals and human shaped figures.  There are also some long straight lines hundreds of yards in length.  Some speculate that these straight glyphs were used as runways for alien spacecraft. Many ufologists hypothesize that because they can only be appreciated from the sky, that these were created for communicating with aliens.


Nazca Astronaut

Kyshtym Dwarf or Alyoshenka

A small human fetus, Alyoshenka, was found near the village of Kaolinovy.  These remains had an unusual number of deformities which gave birth to rumors of Alien origin. The tiny body measures less than 10 inches long. It is hairless with oversized eyes.  After having been passed around by various scientists for testing, the whereabouts of the body became unknown.  Thankfully lots of photos and videos had been taken of Alyoshenka.

Various stories arose that the small corpse contained both human DNA something else unidentifiable. Some scientists who had examined the fetus were convinced that it was a premature severely deformed female human fetus.  However, one scientist, quite familiar with human deformities, stated that "they had never seen anything like this", and it seemed to be "not of human origin." She also said there were 20 definite anatomical differences between this body and that of a normal human fetus.


Strange Skulls

The Paracas skulls.

Theses bizarre skulls were unearthed in Peru and look oddly not-human.  Now the Paraca people did indeed practice cranial binding which would deform a human skull to something that they found aesthetically pleasing.  Even taking that into account these skulls have a larger than normal brain capacity and some unusual features that are not normal to humans.  DNA tests have been inconclusive.  Are they evidence of Human-Alien hybrids?

alien skull
antiguo cráneo, gran CC
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The Star Child Skull

This is one of my favorite mysteries!  THE STARCHILD SKULL is a 900-year-old skull found in Mexico in the 1930s.  The skull was found buried underneath a normal human female skeleton, thought to be the child’s mother.   The skull is human-like, but also contains anomalies so bizarre that some experts doubt its earthly origin.  Some of the weird features include: missing frontal sinus, extremely strong yet thin lightweight bone, incredibly shallow eye sockets, reddish fibers in the bone, a confusing combination of child and adult teeth, 30% larger than normal brain capacity for its size and flattened rear part of the skull.  Despite the similar shape to skulls malformed by headbinding, there aren’t any of the tell-tale signs of artificial flattening.


Hybrid skull