A variation on the eyewitness story is the abduction story.  Abductees or “experiencers” tell of being taken against their will and have strange experiments performed on them.  By far most of these accounts include the typical Grey aliens, although various other alien species are included as well.


Many people report “missing time”.  Under hypnosis abductees recount details of being taken aboard spacecraft and examined.  Some are given messages of hope.  Some are even shown human alien hybrids.  Some women claim to have been pregnant with these hybrids only to have them removed in later abductions and raised by the aliens.

Here are three of the most famous stories:


This is the most famous abduction case and is considered by many to be the that ignited the UFO abduction movement.

In 1961 Betty and Barney Hill were returning from vacation in Niagara Falls to Portsmouth. They noticed an object in the sky and watched it through binoculars.

Betty and Barney Hill

Barney described it as pancake-shaped with rows of windows with occupants inside.  When the Hills arrived home they reported the incident to the Military.  It was then they realized that they had arrived home two hours later than they should have.

Eventually both of them were hypnotized to see if they could remember what happened during their missing time.  They describe the aliens as having wrap-around eyes.  The Hills were shown around the space ship and then given medical examinations.  Betty said that she was shown a star map and that the aliens were from the planet Zeta Reticuli.

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In 1975, Logger, Travis Walton and his work cohorts were returning from work one night when they came upon a large glowing object in the sky with a beam of light beneath. Walton got out of the vehicle to investigate. When he entered the light beam he was thrown down and knocked out. Freaking out, the other loggers drove off, then returned later to find him. But Walton was nowhere to be found.

Five days later Walton appeared in another town over 30 miles from the incident. He said he woke up at a gas station and remembered being abducted by aliens. His story is told in the book and movie: ‘Fire in the Sky.’

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Four men were fishing in a canoe in Maine in 1976, when they witnessed a large colorful UFO.
The craft pulled them up in a beam of light. Awaking several hours later they couldn’t remember anything of the encounter. They did all, however, begin to have nightmares. Under hypnosis the four told a similar tale of being abducted by strange alien creatures. They also passed a polygraph about their claims.