Reptilians are depicted as humanoids with snake-like heads and scales. There is also a higher class of Reptilians that have wings and are up to 3 times the size of a normal human. These aliens are considered malevolent and dangerous. Reptilians shapeshift to imitate humans and have mind control powers. They are reported to live in caverns or even underground bases.

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These dinosaur-like aliens are at the heart of many conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists believe the Reptilians use these abilities to infiltrate the highest positions in governments all over the world and manipulate the human world. Many world leaders have been accused of related to Reptilians or being Reptilians in disguise.

Alien abductees who have witnessed Reptilians during their experience say that the Reptilians have authority over the Greys.
Their race is known by many names: Reptoids, Reptiloids, Saurians and Alpha Draconians.

Reptilian abduction