Greys (or Grays) are the most widely recognized alien species.  They are also known as Zeta Reticulans. When you say the word 'alien', most people think of this species.

The majority alien abduction stories feature these creatures. . Their most obvious features are their large head, huge black eyes and grey skin. Their eyes are almond shaped with no pupil and no detectable eye movement. They have no nose, no ears and thin mouths. Often their mouths are not visible at all.

Greys are usually 2 to 4 feet tall, although occasionally a tall Grey (5 to 6 feet) is reported. Their bodies are described as tiny compared to their head and rather skinny. Their skin is typically grey however other variations of color have been reported.

They are often seen without any clothing or sometimes skin-tight jumpsuits. They are completely hairless with no sex organs. They rarely speak and usually communicate by telepathy.


Some researchers and abductees believe that the taller Greys are in charge. In fact some postulate that the shorter Greys may be some sort of biological robot created to do the menial tasks. This theory comes from the fact that the smaller Greys are reported to have more robotic type movement and no emotion. Their skin has also been reported as being platic or rubber like. Abductees have also reported that these creatures do not appear to breathe.

It is believed that the Greys reproduce by cloning, evidenced by the lack of visible sex organs. It has also been suggested that the Greys may have a shared consciousness or “hive mind”.

Greys have been seen working alongside other alien species including Reptilians and Nordics


Abductees report medical testing and experimentation with human alien hybrids. This has led to a number of theories:

  • Aliens are dying and need our genetics to survive.
  • Aliens have been experimenting with our species for millennia and are actively involved in our evolution.
  • Aliens are planning to populate the Earth and are harvesting our DNA to make themselves more adapted to living on our planet.
  • Aliens are working in collusion with world governments trading technology for the rights to abduct and experiment on individuals.
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One of the earliest references to such a creature was by H.G. Wells in 1892. He pictured future man as evolving into a creature that had a huge brain and large hands. However most of his needs taken care of by mechanical creations he would have little need of a strong body. Therefore future man would have a tiny body and tiny limbs.

He would have almost no nose and no external ears. His dietary needs would be sufficed by bathing in amber liquid. Because there was no need for chewing and swallowing our distant progeny would have only a tiny slit for a mouth.
H.G. Wells’ story appeared in many newspapers worldwide. Consequently some skeptics point to this as the beginning of the big headed alien mythos.



The story of a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 made headlines. The story was retracted almost immediately and reported as a weather balloon.

Decades later, when UFO researchers interviewed people who had reportedly been witness to US Military activities following the incident, the witness sometimes reported bodies retrieved from the crash. The aliens had quite small bodies, large heads and large slanted eyes and little or no nose or ears. Read more here.



In 1961 a couple named Betty and Barney Hill claim to have been abducted. Their story came to public attention a few years later and featured aliens which bear some resemblance to the typical grey alien.  Read more here. 


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